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Experience August
Experience August

August is the place to discover media

A beautiful, ad-free experience that immediately immerses you into the endless discovery of creative works from only the world's most talented photographers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, designers, illustrators, painters, etc.

August gives you a stream of channels to discover the media you actually care about from those who matter most. No longer will great works of art be lost among oceans of memes, selfies, status updates and cat videos.

August is where artists are discovered

An invitation-only home that gives artists direct and constant exposure through the distribution of their work to a global audience of consumers focused solely and purely on discovering it.

August amplifies the sharing of artist's media by measuring your influence over it from the moment you share it. Finally, you'll have proof that you were one of the first to discover a new artist and their work before anyone else.

August creates real relationships

Every artist thrives upon their ability to build and cultivate meaningful relationships with their consumers. August develops this through personalized conversations around media between you and the artists you love.

Behind these relationships is an identity that organizes the media you share into a curated stream that cultivates an audience around your unique tastes, and ultimately, gives you the ability to make and break emerging artists.

Are you a consumer or artist?